This is a new adventure for me. I’m starting out with this blog in uncharted terriories and I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me.

Plot bunnies run in my head and I find it’s difficult just trying to keep up with them. But when the ideas become too many, I find the easiest solution is to focus my attention on the imaginary. Namely, visualizing what faces I see when I think about my characters.

Do please play along. Tell me about your ideal characters and what they look like.

First up, my main character…a nameless girl as of now. (Pretty much all these characters are nameless so please, bear with me)

She’s an average girl with a lot of spunk, still trying to figure everything out:



And the boy who infuriates her the. most. A rugby player and perpetual smart ass. He has issues, what bad boy doesn’t, but he’s got a soft spot for our MC.

ImageAnd the best friend (hers):


And His:


And the MC’s father who puts everyone’s lives into upheaval:


What about you lot? Share your ideal characters in the comments below and thanks for reading!