In college, our creative writing professor told us that writing is 100% hard work. I’d add to that by saying it’s 100% rewriting.thumper

I’ve been diligently working on this manuscript. I took a vacation last week to spend time getting through this most latest version (#3 or 4, I can’t really remember) and in the process, I’ve learned a few things.

1. Making little notes like “and here you end the scene” really isn’t helpful during the first draft. Well. It’s helpful as you are writing the first draft, not so much in later drafts.

2. Bursts of inspiration can bit you in the ass. Going through my first draft, I whizzed through scenes, skimped on details and glossed over setting. I know writing is rewriting, but I want to kick my June self for making me do all the hard work.

3. The internet is the devil. I don’t just mean that it’s a time waster. We all know it is. I just mean that if I have plans to get some serious writing done, reading about deaths and sexism and racism and annoying political stupidity really doesn’t engender a great mindset. In fact, it only depresses me and since I’m writing about love and laughter and the struggle to find yourself, a mopey little emo mood doesn’t help. Also? DAMN people are mean. It staggers me how cruel some folks can be.

Take some advice, mean people of the word: “if you don’t have something nice to say…” you know the rest.

4. I’m in love with a fictional character of my own making. He may not be perfect, but I adore him. I hope you will too!

Be good to each other, folks!