It’s been two years since I first clicked “publish” on Chasing Serenity. That seems unbelievable to me. From a flippant conversation with my friends, joking that I should just self-publish the books I had no plans of anyone ever seeing, to hitting Amazon’s best seller’s list and very kind reviews in USA Today, the past two years have been both overwhelming and pleasantly surprising.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nope, not even going to THAT Con where I found myself being ridiculously weepy, frustrated, home sick and gleeful that I was surrounded by my besties all at the same time. (Give me a break, it was my first huge Con).

Now I’m working my way toward my eight published novel (Thick Love) and will be very close to my tenth novel by year’s end.

Two years and I’m beyond ready to up my game. Hence the reason I’m posting here after over a year. (I am notoriously horrible about keeping up with blogging). I apologize. I do, you know have three teenage daughters, work full time, run a review site, edit manuscripts freelance and, oh there’s that little thing of writing books, so I’ve learned to forgive myself when one of the billion social media updates gets forgotten.

Point being, I’m making a greater effort with promoting myself, my work and the events that are important to me. That may not always include my projects. This may, in fact, concern what I’ve learned about the industry and the business of writing in the past two years. It might also detail some of the things I’ve learned over the years writing as a novice and a pro. We’ll see where the days take us.

In any event, thank you for sticking around. Thank you for supporting me when I’ve clearly ignored this format. Thank you for reading the stories that are closest to my heart.

Get ready for another on August 31. Here’s a little taste of Ransom’s story:

thick love